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    Hot Off The Press

    When Neighbors Emergency Center first approached us for an innovative marketing strategy back in 2012, they only had a few locations in Houston. Our “Best Neighbors Ever” campaign successfully promoted their brand’s family-oriented approach to emergency care: short wait times, friendly physicians and staff, stress-free waiting rooms, and the highest quality medical care 24/7. From billboards and brochures to rack cards and magazine ads, this first campaign, coupled with the leadership of Neighbors Emergency Center partners and CEO Setul Patel, M.D., effectively generated growth and increased brand recognition. Since then, we’ve handled every aspect of their marketing efforts. So when it came time to develop a new Neighbors Emergency Center campaign in 2016, we knew we needed to come up with a concept that was fresh, engaging, and most of all, relatable. In this particular marketing campaign, we designed the following mock-up poster which offered a positive spin to an otherwise painful injury. Its candid nature and lighthearted tone delivers a unique and memorable expression that’s not often found in the medical community. Due to innovative marketing strategies and great campaign ideas like this, Neighbors Emergency Center continues to grow prosperously throughout the United States. In addition to their original locations in Baytown, Bellaire, and Kingwood, they now have over 28 locations and plan to open many more centers by the end of 2017.

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