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Versa And Google Outline The Future Of Digital Marketing

Great marketing comes with great responsibility. Not only do we provide powerful branding services for our clients, we are dedicated to delivering innovative digital strategy opportunities to help push them to the next level. Which level, you ask? The level of awesome. The level where people are able to find their products and/or services online with ease. Furthermore, as a part of our goal to educate our valued business partners on exclusive digital marketing opportunities, Versa and a team of Google digital experts showcased an informative presentation on the future of online marketing. Over 80 individuals were in attendance from various industries, including healthcare, retail, and real estate. Now that’s taking initiative.

Flown in from New York City, the key contributors of this presentation were delivered by Google’s agency development manager and account strategist. By highlighting online consumer patterns and exciting new marketing opportunities, they were able to detail how businesses can become more accessible and relevant in the daily lives of their consumers. In addition, we nominated eight key clients for Google’s in-depth digital services. This exclusive benefit allows a day-by-day analysis of their accounts and industry to yield additional digital strategies.

Due to our Premium Partnership with Google, which is the highest honor for agencies, we’re able to offer businesses a leading edge in their marketing efforts. According to Google, “The Google Premier Badge recognizes companies that excel with Google products. The Premier Badge is reserved only for agencies that surpass our highest requirements. They are product experts, diversified in their knowledge, and use only the best practices for their clients.”

The development of this event was managed by Velina Kara, Vice President of Business Development, and coordinated by Hilary Zanoni, Traffic Manager. If you’d like to learn more about this event and the opportunities discussed, contact Versa Creative at info@versacreativegroup.com or call (832) 831-7590. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Linkedin! At Versa Creative, we strive to dream boldly and make an impact through powerful brands. See our work for yourself on our new website!

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